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How to make MOJO POTATOES Recipe


These potatoes are ideal for nibbling or serving as an appetizer due to their crispy outside and tender inside. These snacks gained popularity thanks to Shakey’s Pizza and are incredibly addictive. This pizza store was first established in Singapore at Lucky Plaza in March 2022, extending its presence from the Philippines and the United States. Therefore, it functioned as a subtle hint that I really should do this. Here is my interpretation that closely imitates it. I have also made my own rendition of their dip as I am unable to accurately identify its flavor.

Mojo-infused potatoes

Potatoes are a kind of food.

(I used russet potatoes) Between 500 and 600 grams Thoroughly rinse, thoroughly scrub, and promptly pat dry. A single large egg, with its shell removed, sliced into pieces that are 1/2 inch thick.
25 milliliters of milk
Blend of spices and herbs
1/2 cup of all-purpose flour 1/2 cup of cornstarch 1/2 teaspoon of salt
Could you perhaps clarify whether you are referring about a measurement of 1/4 teaspoon of paprika?
3/4 teaspoon of garlic powder
1.75 tablespoons of onion powder 0.5 teaspoons of thyme
0.25 teaspoons of ground black pepper
0.5 teaspoons of cayenne
Recipients (Blend)
0.5 pound of mayonnaise
0.25 teaspoons of garlic powder
50% concentration of lemon juice


Pepper, salt, and smoked paprika, all in a little amount

Please remember Blend all the ingredients by carefully mixing them together.

Blend the egg white with the milk. Ensure thorough mixing of all components. Eliminate from the equation

2. Thoroughly mix all of the spices.

3. Apply the spice combination to the potato after immersing it in the wet mixture. Discard any excess starch and spice by tossing. Set aside. Proceed with the remaining potatoes using the same method. Allocate a duration of around 10 minutes.

4. Increase the temperature of the oil to about 160 degrees Celsius. An alternative is to immerse a wooden chopstick into the oil to determine its temperature. Once the oil around the chopstick begins to form bubbles, it indicates that it has reached a sufficiently enough temperature for usage.

5. Ensure that the pan is not overcrowded while deep frying the potato pieces. Cook the edges of the fish in the deep fryer until they become brown. If the browning process is occurring too rapidly, decrease the heat slightly. Transfer to a cooling rack to allow excess oil to drain. Proceed with the remaining potatoes using the same method. Each batch required around two minutes of my time.

6. Increase the temperature of the oil by raking it. Extend the frying time of the potatoes by an additional thirty seconds. Subsequently, place it on the cooling rack. Proceed with the remaining potatoes using the same method.

Step 7: Garnish with your choice condiment and savor!

Enjoy !


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